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Building Forever Families

LSS is here to help you build your forever family - to enjoy the opportunity to welcome a child into your heart and home. It is the gift of a lifetime. Our caring and compassionate staff is committed to assisting you with every step in the adoption process, helping to make your dreams of a forever family a reality.

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Help is Here

Faced with countless questions? Want to know your options? Decisions you make regarding a pregnancy will last a lifetime. Compassionate LSS staff is here to provide support, education and guidance, enabling you to explore realistic options and make the decision that is best for you.

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I'm Pregnant

Pregnancy Services

Do you need a place to turn, where there is no judgment or unwanted advice? That place is LSS. You are not alone. The compassionate staff at LSS will listen to your needs, never pressuring you to make a decision. You are completely safe to discuss any and all of your feelings, and explore realistic options. Our staff is here to provide support, education and guidance and personally address your concerns. 


Looking to Adopt

LSS believes every adoption is a small miracle that gives to everybody it touches - a child receives a home and the love of a family, birth parents have the assurance their baby will be cared for and the adoptive family is blessed with the joy of loving and parenting a child. As the largest child placing agency in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, LSS has numerous years of experience in domesticinternational and special needs adoption